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What Is Thai Yoga or Thai Massage?
Range of Motion
A Dancing Meditation
In Thai Yoga, you have one practitioner and one client, the client lies on a mat in a relaxed meditative state, while the practitioner slowly moves around their body softly kneading, and bending their body into various poses. The practitioner will only bend the client to first resistance, for this reason the client does not need to know anything about yoga whatsoever. The client needs only to know how to relax, that is all.
To bring a better state of health and wellbeing to you. You may be well now.
"Thai Yoga is comprehensive, sophisticated healing arts derivative of Theraveda Buddhism, Buddhist medicine, Buddhist Psychology, Theraveda Vipassana Bhavana, Classical Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda and Yoga Vedanta. It is not required that one become a Buddhist to practice this healing art, though it is helpful to understand Buddhist principles. It is more accurate to call this medicine by its traditional names like “ancient, anachronistic or Old Thai Way of Healing with The Hands,” but the slang form, “Thai Massage” is in use, and as long as this is so there will be some understandable confusion.
The type of traditional Thai Yoga therapy that most people will be exposed to is ráksãa thaang nûat (healing massage treatment). This is commonly known as the Nuat Thai or Nuad Boran styles of Thai Yoga therapy, spiritual massage, and healing work of Thailand.
The primary outcomes associated with the practice of Thai Yoga are called ProMiiWihan Sii ( Brahmavihara) or four divine, boundless sublime states of mind; Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. As long as these four qualities are communicated, transmitted and exemplified during a session, it is considered to be successful. For this reason it is possible to have a Thai Yoga session with little or no actual touching!
In addition to the four divine states of mind we practice and perform Puja- a ritual healing process of prayer, affirmation and acknowledgment. We acknowledge the sacred space shared by client and Yogi, we honor and acknowledge the Bodhisattvas and progenitors of our way and teaching, and we “generate the Boddichitta,” the perfected mental processes of enlightened beings through Mantra recitation of OmNamoShivago, the Metta Sutra or anything else that invokes and invites the essence and energy of love and healing to move within ourselves and our client.
This prayerful and thoughtful meditation attunes powerful energies and petitions the sacred and symbolic metaphors of deities, ancient guides, and role models that provide the basis for all further communication and expression of Promiiwihan Sii." ***
*** Dr. Anthony B. James DM(P), ND, MD(AM) Used with permission
Benefits of Thai Yoga
include, but is not limited to:
*Relaxes the Mind and Body
*Improves Circulation
*Increases Energy
*Increases Flexibility
*Improves Range of Motion
*Centers the Mind and Body 
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